How to pull an Entitlement Process into your repository when SFDX Pull fails

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SFDX (stands for Salesforce Developer Experience) is a single line command interface (CLI) which supports development and automation within your Salesforce environment. A popular command in SFDX is sfdx force:source:pull. This command brings in the changes you made in your Salesforce org to your local file repository. From here, you can then push your changes to source control.

If you look at the metadata in Salesforce, you will see that EntitlementProcessess are captured in the code base.

However, if you try and pull your changes down from your connected org into your local repository, you will get the error:

ERROR running force:source:pull: Entity of type 'EntitlementProcess' named 'YourProcessName' cannot be found

After doing some investigating, I have found that it is possible to bring entitlement process changes into your code, but you will have to do it a different way. A contributor to this Stack Overflow post confirmed with Salesforce support that this is an “issue with how the platform handles the API name of the entitlement process”. This is a known issue with Salesforce and at the time of publication of this article, they are still looking into it.

So how do we get these changes into our repository? If you look at your code base, you will see that the entitlement processes are all lowercase. However, in the UI, it is most likely the name of your entitlement process contains upper and lower case characters.

For example, you might have an entitlement process in Salesforce called ‘My Entitlement Process‘. However, the metadata name of this entitlement process will be saved as ‘my entitlement process‘. Additionally, if you have enabled versioning on your entitlement processes, you will also see the version number appended to the file name. Therefore, the complete name would be ‘my entitlement process_v1‘ (v1 being the first version of the process).

Now we know the entitlement process filename, we can use a SFDX command to bring it into our local repository.

sfdx force:source:retrieve -m EntitlementProcess:my entitlement process_v1

If you do not use versioning, you can simply omit the version number from the command (e.g. _v1).

If you are unsure of what the file name would be, you can bring in all the entitlement processes into your repository.

sfdx force:source:retrieve -m EntitlementProcess

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